Monday, October 27, 2008

Franktown rocks!!

hey everybody! The website is Franktownrocks that truly rocks! click on the link to go to the website that rules n rock! make sure u click on the blue button to register.

thanks to Franktown Rocks I got this cool Franktown Rocks shirt,this certificate for being a good citizen n this First Act learn and play drums. isn't that cool?! I can't believe it! finally! after a few weeks it finally arrived! this is so cool! so now I guess I know how long it'll take if I were to go to America. I MISS MY 1 YEAR YOUNGER AUNT!!! n I miss my cousins. n I miss my aunt. but u get the point. I miss a lot of people. On Franktown me n my friends have a club called "The Investigation Club" our investigation right now is called "The Mystery Of The Undefineds" the reason why we wanted to start the investigation is because my friend's friend got turned into an "Undefined" she sent my friend 2 letters 1 said HELP! n the other 1 said they turned me into an "Undefined"! creepy right? well here's 1 thing the victim is a girl n is a cop. I think the next target is going to be either one of the four Investigators or it's gonna be a girl cop. we investigate, we talk, we solve mysteries, We're the Cop Investigaters!

The T-shirt, the award n the First Act DIscovery-Learn n Play Drum(with drumsticks n drum-pad)

The front

The back

The Good Citizen Award