Monday, October 27, 2008

Movie Time!!!

hey everybody! I watched HSM3 last Saturday. and it was AWESOME! n yet sad cause it's their senior year! but I'm happy I watched it. I liked this trailer alot it's the trailer for Bolt. I know the voices well just two of the voices but u get the point 1: John Travolta 2: Miley Cyrus

n here's a funny lil' hamster that went to the cinemas to watch HSM3! he said this: Oh man!Another trailer?! I want to see High School Musical! Then his buddy which is also a hamster said something like this : What's High School Musical? What's it About? then Rhino(the big fan of HSM3)said this : You mean you never watched High Scool Musical? then his buddy said something like this : Uhhh... No then Rhino went crazy and I only remember a few parts of the nonsense he talked about here they are : Get'cha Get'cha head in the game u gotta get get get get'cha head in the game! Bet on it,bet on it,bet on it! Evil siblings with awesome heads! I want faboulous so I can swim in the pool. Gabriella is so CUTE! n Troy is so AWESOME!

n that's all I remember. thank u all!